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When it comes to summer watches, the perfect watch for one person may not be the perfect copy watch for another. Finding the perfect summer watch depends greatly on your preferences and what you plan to do this summer. Good water resistance is always a good idea for summer, but there are many other factors to consider, such as the type of watch, its features, and the materials used in its construction.

The fake Rolex Submariner is the perfect summertime companion, the ultimate symbol of professional excellence and modern luxury. Boasting impressive features such as 300-meter water resistance and a choice of two-tone and gold details, the Submariner easily transitions from the deck of a Submarine to an evening rooftop drink. However, if you’re looking for a more unisex look than the two-tone Submariner with its blue dial and bezel, the classic stainless steel and black bezel Submariner will look just as good on your wrist this summer.

You don’t have to own a Yacht to wear the Rolex Yacht Prestige this summer. But that would be ideal, wouldn’t it? Even so, you should at least try to find yourself wearing this watch on a boat or swimming in the ocean this summer. With 100 meters of water resistance and a flyback sailing chronograph with mechanical memory, this watch will be ready to go wherever you go. What’s more, the Yacht-Master looks incredibly bold – whether it’s the full 18k yellow gold model, the two-tone Everose yellow gold version, or even the icy white gold version with a solid platinum bezel. Wearing the Yacht-Master is the elegant power move you should make this summer; let it do all the work and steal all the attention while you sit back and relax.

With many destinations like Europe reopening to travelers this summer, we expect you’ll resume your jet-setting ways in the coming months. If so, there’s no better companion than the Rolex GMT-Master II, which will help you keep track of three different time zones while looking elegant. In Rolex’s famous Oyster case, the replica Rolex GMT-Master II also boasts serious water resistance and rock-solid durability, which means you can use this watch in first class, on the beach, and in the hotel bar after dinner, all on the same day.

Created by Rolex’s sister company, the Rolex Black Bay is similar to the vintage Submariner but is more affordable while still possessing its unique vintage-inspired aesthetic. What many replica watch collectors love about the Black Bay line is that they have so many options on this watch – from the bright red and ocean blue bezel, to the chronograph and GMT complications, to the two-tone and black face. Any Tudor Black Bay you choose can easily become your summer watch of choice, joining you on countless ocean swims, camping adventures, and afternoon barbecues in the months ahead.