Factory Priced Yellow Gold Green Daytona

Better factory, also known as BT factory, has released a lot of Daytona replica watches in recent weeks. The new models include almost every Daytona model you can find on the authentic watch market. The most popular will always be the Panda Daytona 116500. My conclusion is to go with the Clean factory one is the best. The yellow gold Daytona with the green dial, which I call the yellow gold, green Daytona in this post, is the only yellow gold Daytona watch I like. I’ve done a comparison review of the Panda Daytona on my blog before. I will talk more here again.
Daytona is made of 904L stainless steel with a layer of gold. Everyone is concerned about the thickness of gold when buying gold replica Rolex watches. First of all, I must say that the gold plating technology in this field has been very mature. No matter how thick the gold is, the color of gold is very close to the color of the authentic watch. Secondly, the whole watch is gold-plated, including each corner of the bracelet. If you love to take care of the watch, the gold coating can be used for at least three years. Third, gold fading is not a problem nowadays because you can send the watch back to the factory for gold recoating after a long period of wear.
The BT factory makes this Daytona with the correct case thickness of 12.2mm, which is the most accurate case thickness and is authentic. The green dial is an issue. I mean, it deserves our attention, the color of the green. I didn’t compare this green to the genuine article, but I think there will be a color difference. But I also think the difference will be subtle. You can see no difference from the front, but the genuine dial may show a different color, and when you check from different sides, you will see the difference on the replica. By the way, it is said that BT factory did not do strict quality control on the subdials and small hands, and they need to be improved.
New Noob and BT are selling this watch at a very high price. According to the latest market news, the Clean factory will also produce this Daytona soon, so for now, I don’t recommend you to buy this gold, green Daytona from BT. When you see Clean’s version, it may come out at the end of this month.

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