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Panda Daytona Rolex

The great Panda Daytona, its reference 116500, is a trendy watch in our market. Many watch factories are making replicas of this Daytona. There were Noob and ARF in the past, but these two factories have been closed for some time. Now, there are four leading watch factories making replica Rolex Daytona they are Clean, TWF, ZZF, and BT. Yes, you are familiar with the other three factories, except BT, a new watchmaker known as Better Factory. I just heard that BT is just a branch of 3K Factory, which makes Patek Philippe Nautilus and Aquanaut top-of-the-line replicas. Now I know why it takes so long to order Patek Philippe Nautilus replicas from the 3K factory because their focus has shifted to the production of the Daytona.
The BT factory started producing the Panda fake Rolex Daytona in March this year, and I didn’t pay much attention to this factory then. I just noticed they were selling the Daytona much higher than Clean. In May, many people were talking about BT’s Daytona, and an exciting thing happened: Clean published the V2 version of the Panda Daytona and raised the price. Hence, the BT factory managed to get my attention this way time. I found numerous comments online that BT Factory’s Daytona is the best. Is that true? I compared BT and Clean’s Panda Daytona and got the following points.
The case of BT is thinner, about 12.2mm. The case of Clean is about 12.4mm. The case thickness of a genuine watch is about 12.2mm to 12.4mm, so I can say that both BT and Clean have the correct thickness.
Please don’t say BT’s dial color is more accurate, and it is not valid. Both the BT and Clean have the correct dial color, as genuine watches also have slight dial color variations from batch to batch, while the BT Panda Daytona’s dial color is more common.
Both BT and Clean use 904L stainless steel for their cases and bracelets. The case and bracelet have the same finish, which is much better than the previous Noob Daytona.
The movement inside remains the same, and both are Super Clone 4130.
After comparison, I still recommend you to buy Panda Daytona. Make sure your dealer chooses the latest V2 version because the latest V2 version has many upgrades. BT Daytona is also a good option, but I need time to test it. However, with the competition between BT and Clean, I think there will be higher quality Rolex Daytona replicas in the future.

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